The Callisto Protocol

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Patch Notes

[v. 5.04]

July 25, 2023


  • Fixed some instances where New Game+ manual saves were not generated after completing the base game.


[v. 5.03]

July 17, 2023


  • Fixed an issue related to ray tracing which caused crashes


  • Fixed an issue where users could not obtain an unreachable audio log in Tower


  • Fixed Out-of-World streaming issues in Final Transmission
  • Continued performance optimizations


[v. 5.02]

June 29, 2023


  • Added in auto-play functionality for audio logs based on player feedback. In order to maintain The Callisto Protocol's narrative structure and avoid over-lapping audio, some of the in-game audio log locations were moved. Full list below;
      • Moved one log pickup to the end of the hallway before the medical room, after the beta path door
      • Moved one log pickup inside the cafeteria section
      • Moved one corpse harvest/pickup to the corner of the red room
      • Moved one log pickup back to its original location in the upper corner of a room onto a box with a valve wheel
    • LOST
      • Moved one corpse harvest/pickup to the far corner of the garage
    • BELOW
      • Moved one log pickup to the left of the moving platform exit
    • COLONY
      • Moved one corpse harvest/pickup to the top of a ladder before the shimmy
      • Moved one log pickup closer to a REFORGE station
    • TOWER
      • Moved one log pickup to be inside a prison cell
      • Moved one log pickup to be inside a Biophage infested hallway
      • Moved one log pickup onto a table by a cherry tree


[v. 5.01]

April 18, 2023


  • Take your enemies apart limb by limb and experience the thrill of instantly dismembering your foes
  • Players cannot earn campaign achievements or trophies while playing Dismemberment Mode


  • Added functionality allowing players to skip cutscenes


[v. 4.01]

February 07, 2023


A challenging take on The Callisto Protocol’s survival-horror experience, intended to push you to your limits, Hardcore Mode is not for the faint of heart. Here’s what you can expect;

  • Ammo, health, and credits are harder to come by and not every Biophage will drop loot
  • Increased enemy damage
  • Decreased Stun Baton damage
  • Increased enemy mutation speed
  • Contraband value is reduced
  • Hardcore Mode New Game+ (requires completion of standard Hardcore Mode playthrough)
  • New Achievements / Trophies to hunt


  • Players that were not correctly granted the "The Protocol is About Life" achievement upon completing the game will be automatically granted the achievement
  • Localization fixes for leveling and VO/subtitle mismatches
  • Optimized enemy combat AI when player is surrounded by multiple enemies


  • Updated font rendering and UI elements for readability
  • Created a rendering functionality profile specifically for Steam Deck with the best settings for smooth gameplay
  • Updated control schemes for SteamDeck controls


  • Ray tracing performance improvements


[v. 3.01] 

January 17, 2023 


  • Users who previously completed the game will have access to NewGame+ after the patch. 
  • Application restart may be required. 
  • Requires an active save file from game completion. 


  • Fixed an issue where some users were not correctly granted the "The Protocol is About Life" achievement 
  • Added New Game Plus. Complete the game to unlock New Game Plus and carry your pression over to a new save. All weapons, upgrades, and Callisto Credits can be collected at the first Reforge 
  • General performance optimizations across all platforms 
  • Players no longer take damage when vaulting over obstacles 
  • Fixed multiple issues where certain camera angles or progression paths could cause environments to stream out and allow Jacob to fall through the ground 
  • Consistency pass on cabinets, lockers, and shelves to display correctly in High Contrast mode 
  • Voice leveling and subtitle mismatch adjustments across localized languages 


  • Fixed low frequency crash in the Tunnels level during the Two Head fight 
  • Skip Cinematics button has been mapped to the Interact/Pickup input 
  • Fixed a long hitch when enabling Ray-Traced Shadows in the main menu 
  • Prevented mouse cursor from displaying during some area transitions 


  • Fixed low frequency crash in Snowcat when Jacob is talking to Dani 


[v. 2.01]

December 15, 2022



  • Prevent enemies from attacking while you are attacking another enemy by adjusting uninterruptible windows for all player baton attacks vs standard enemies to add an extra 7 frames between hit and recover
  • Reduced frequency of players being attacked from behind. Enemies now prioritize grappling or repositioning instead of attacking
  • Widened incoming attack camera angle
  • Widened angle for dodging off screen attacks
  • Reduced damage taken multiplier when attacked from behind
  • Increased player facing away maximum angle for Grunt and Blind
  • Dodge optimization:
    • Valid dodge angle now allows player to have stick slightly forward and right/left while still dodging (45 -> 30 degrees)
    • Dodging at the end of the dodge window no longer means playing dodge animation and getting hit
  • Increased animation speed for:
    • Health injector usage
    • Weapon swapping
    • Weapon reloading
    • Upper receiver swapping
  • Auto-play reload animation when switching to an empty weapon
  • Continue initiated weapon swaps after interruptions
  • Extend amount of time between KTV appearance and mutation
  • Fixed phantom arm kills by armless NPCs
  • Increased audio cue volume for Danglers 
  • Reduced default setting for camera shake
  • Added player invulnerable window to all 150 cm vaults
  • Changed Two Head to a two hit kill on the player in Medium Security, and a three hit kill in Minimum Security
  • Final boss encounter combat optimizations
  • Minetown AI pathing and spawning improvements 


  • Optimized streaming to reduce memory usage in:
    • Habitat Water Maze
    • Snowcat Bridge Collapse
  • Fixed a memory leak with the Reforge 3d Printers


  • Fixed voice leveling issues in multiple languages
  • Fixed subtitle/vo mismatch issues in Korean
  • Fixed instances of unlocalized lines in multiple languages
  • Fixed incorrect text descriptions on menus in Korean
  • Fixed untranslated instances of “Unlocked” on doors in multiple languages
  • Fixed instances of missing voice processing in multiple languages


  • Added an option to enable performance mode when creating new games
  • Added an option to skip death cinematics and restart from checkpoint faster


  • Improved lighting performance on AMD cards (reduced VGR pressure of FDeferredLightPS)
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to receive the "The Protocol is About Life" achievement after beating the game once on a lower difficulty


  • Optimized lighting for multiple cinematics in Habitat and Tower


[v. 1.02]

December 06, 2022


  • Added popup dialog to display when players change ray-tracing settings and trigger a shader compile
  • Added a popup progress dialog to display in the main menu when compiling shaders
  • (Epic Specific) Fixed an issue preventing achievements from unlocking and displaying correctly
  • (Epic Specific) Fixed an issue causing the Terms Of Service to always display upon loading the app

[v. 1.01]

December 02, 2022


  • Updated PSO cache to further reduce stuttering during gameplay

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